The Coalition for Access to Prenatal Screening

Our Mission

The Coalition for Access to Prenatal Screening (CAPS) is a collaborative alliance of four leading genetic testing companies in the U.S. that seeks to improve access to state-of-the-art prenatal screening using cell-free DNA (cfDNA)-based noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS) that is easily accessible to all pregnant women who choose to pursue aneuploidy screening, regardless of their risk factors, income, age or geographic location.

As leading providers of cfDNA-based NIPS, CAPS member companies are working together to promote public awareness about the value of this innovative and highly sensitive screening method and to advocate for the highest standards of quality, service and education.

CAPS provides reliable and useful information about cfDNA-based NIPS to patients, healthcare providers, and public and private insurers.

CAPS will work to encourage appropriate legislative measures and reimbursement coverage policy changes for this medically actionable testing service, which has the potential to improve personalized patient care.